This kit is designed to honor the energetic forces of nature and the many paths of life.  Many cultures around the world have understood nature’s energy to fall into four directions, four winds, or four cardinal points.  With three specially chosen herbs to represent each direction and exalted Angelica as the center point, this garden is sure to bring healing energy to your land.  Have fun and plant in a circular design of your fancy!


The following herbs are included in this kit:


East-Spring-Air-Waxing Moon-Sunrise

Pulsatilla (flowers in the spring, upward reaching)

Hopi Tobacco (offering to new spring life)

Yarrow (protective and luminous)


South-Summer-Fire-Full Moon-Noon

St. Johns (Calling in summer sun)

Echinacea (Cooling to heat, protective)

Tulsi (abundance, sacred, energy-giving)


West-Fall-Water-Waning Moon-Sunset

Blue Vervain (cooling, downward, relaxing energy)

Codonopsis (a vining bell flower, invites one to go in deeper)

Rue (Protection as we go inward)


North-Winter-Earth-New Moon-Midnight

Papaver somniferum (peaceful slumber and papery beauty)

Mugwort (enhancing dream-world)

Clary Sage (Visioning and insight)


Center-Angelica (inspiration, grounding, self worth)

COMPASS ROSE GARDEN- Four Directions Kit