Perfect for the beginning herb gardener or someone wanting to plant a medicine garden in a small area, this kit is designed to make the most of your time, space and money. The included herbs were carefully chosen so the gardener can gain experience harvesting a wide range of plant parts for making varying types of herbal preparations.


All included plants are all fairly easy to germinate and care for and will create a beautiful and interesting garden with their variety of heights, growth habits, and colors. This combination of annuals and perennials will also attract a variety of pollinators!


Kit includes the following 9 herbs (parts harvested, preparations):

-Tulsi Kapoor (leaf/flower, fresh tea/tincture)

-Elecampane (root, tincture/decoction)

-Echinacea (leaf/flower/root, tea/tincture/decoction)

-Marshmallow (leaf/flower/root, tea, decoction, cold infusion, tincture)

-Arnica (flower, oil)

-Calendula (flower, tea, oil)

-Anise Hyssop (leaf/flower, fresh tea/tincture)

-Lemon Balm (leaf, fresh tea/tincture)

-Spilanthes (leaf/flower, tincture)


BE WELL STOCKED- Medicinal Garden Kit