For the Medicine of Tomorrow...

Proof that anything is possible through collaboration, I was blessed to be able to create this land based business without owning land thanks to a supportive community that believes in this work.  All of our seed offerings were proudly harvested from plants, sustainably and ethically grown by the following caretakers:
Gaia of the wild places where seed was foraged in the Green Mountains of VT
Jessica Manchester of Milkweed Medicinal Seeds in Worcester, VT
Erin O'Hara of Turtle Hill Native Plants in East Montpelier, VT
Michael Pilarski of Friends of the Trees Society in  Port Hadlock, WA
Melanie and Jeff Carpenter of Zack Woods Herb Farm in Hyde Park, VT
Joann Darling of Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier, VT
Jenn and Zac Johnson of Plant Spirit Farm & Fibers in Brookfield, VT
Amy Goodman of White Dove Sanctuary in Calais, VT
Mary Niles, herbalist and homesteader in Montgomery, VT
And also much love to Ilana Sobo of Shakti Botanica for her beautiful plant write ups that you see on our website!
Gratitude to all the Gaia caretakers out there!!!