Milkweed Medicinals is owned and run by Jessica Manchester and is going into it's third year of operation. For the first two seasons Jessica focused on live plant sales and learning how to harvest and clean seed crops. This past summer she was honored to be able to work collaboratively with Melanie and Jeff Carpenter of Zack Woods Herb Farm to grow and harvest seed from their certified organic farm.  


Milkweed Medicinals' main mission is to form more collaborations with local herb growers in order to secure stock seed from the best genetics of their crops. With our challenging weather patterns and changing climate here in the Northeast, it is going to be essential that we start using locally sourced and acclimated seed for cultivation.


Our goal is to ensure healthy and well adapted plants in the future. To this end, we will be working closely with growers who experience significant crop loss due to weather, disease, or pests. The seed from the surviving plants contain the strongest genetics for growing successfully in our region. Saving seed from crops with exceptional potency and vigor will also be a focus because the best medicine starts with the seed. This process was an important aspect of farming that has gone by the wayside due to the economic and time pressures that modern farmers experience. We would love to help close that loop and assist local medicinal farmers in gaining control of their seed quality and supply.


We will be continuing this process with Kingsbury Market Garden in Warren, VT and Zack Woods Farm in Hyde Park, VT. Both farms will be using our seed for many of their crops this coming season and allowing us to harvest high quality seed from their farms.


Seeds are magical. They literally hold the genetic material of our future. To be able to hold that in your hand is quite empowering!